A trio of bills called the Transitioning towards Excellence in Achievement and Mobility (TEAM) legislation were introduced in Congress in February of 2011. Per the original summary of the bill, “each of the three bills, the TEAM-Education Act, TEAM-Employment Act, and TEAM-Empowerment Act, are intended to strengthen accountability, clarify expectations, expand flexibility and align systems to ensure that publicly-funded assistance is effectively utilized to support one uniform goal – ensuring that every youth with a significant disability has the opportunity, encouragement and support to become gainfully employed in an integrated setting, pursue a post-secondary education, and contribute to and engage in meaningful ways in typical community settings once they leave high school.

Click here to access CPSD Ruderman Fellow David Hoff’s analysis of the impact of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) on the TEAM Act. The document analyzes the TEAM Act in light of the passage of WIOA in July 2014. Summaries for each bill are taken from the original summaries for each of the bills when they were introduced, with comments provided regarding the impact of WIOA. In terms of WIOA, the most significant portion of TEAM is the Employment Act, as it proposed changes to the Rehabilitation Act, which is the Title IV of WIOA. Therefore the impact on the TEAM Employment Act has been analyzed in detail. The impact of WIOA on the other two TEAM bills is also provided.

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