The Collaboration to Promote Self-Determination (CPSD), founded in 2007, is an advocacy coalition of organizations representing people with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities and their families, disability service agencies and individuals who have come together to bring about a significant modernization of the federal adult system of services and supports for persons with disabilities.


The mission of CPSD is to push for major systemic reform of the nation’s disability laws and programs to advance economic security, enhance integrated community participation, and increase opportunities for people with disabilities so that they are able to lead self-determined lives. To that end, CPSD advocates for comprehensive, innovative public policy reform that prioritizes:

1. Access to health and long-term services and supports that people need to work;

2. Ensuring quality transition services from school to adult life through modernized education policies and practices;

3. Working to eliminate Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act, together with capacity building of service systems that lead to competitive integrated employment (CIE) and economic advancement;

4. Improving implementation and coordination of the federal and state workforce programs to ensure individuals with disabilities have the education, training, services, and supports necessary to participate in CIE; and

5. Ensuring individuals with disabilities have the opportunities to improve their skills through higher education, workforce training, career pathways, work-based learning, and appropriately defined/ or redefined industry-approved credentials.


CPSD envisions a world where every adult living with disabilities, particularly intellectual and developmental disabilities, has the opportunity, encouragement, and support required to lead an independent, productive life through self-direction and self-determination.

CPSD believes there is a need for a clear focus in federal and state policy leadership that affirms high expectations of citizens with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities, to live and work independently in typical community settings. This focus includes an emphasis on public resources that center on assisting individuals with disabilities in attaining meaningful employment in integrated settings at competitive wages with commensurate benefits. Employment is a means to economic advancement of these individuals through income generation, asset building, and savings. CPSD seeks to promote opportunities and eliminate barriers to working and saving while ensuring the continuation of individualized supports (as necessary).