The Ruderman Family Foundation

The Ruderman Family Foundation seeks to increase awareness of and works to improve the lives of people with special needs in Greater Boston, Israel and the United States through leadership projects done in partnership with Jewish organizations and foundations.

In July of 2013, CPSD won its first grant award from the Ruderman Family Foundation (RFF), which seeks to increase awareness of and work to improve the inclusion of people with disabilities in the United States and Israel through leadership projects done in partnership primarily with Jewish organizations. RFF provided CPSD with a capacity-building grant that, in a short time, has enabled us to expand our organizational capabilities.

Our partnership with RFF allowed us to create the CPSD Ruderman Public Policy Fellows program, through which we awarded three fellowships to outstanding professionals in the field of public policy for Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These fellows are helping CPSD advance and expand its expertise in public policy by bringing their academic and field experience to policy development. In addition, CPSD’s partnership with RFF has allowed us to bring significantly greater reach to our communications, media and public affairs activities, which is a major factor in fueling our growth and influence and something a small, young and growing organization desperately needs.

Jay Ruderman April 2014 II credit Noam Galai

Credit: Noam Galai

Jay Ruderman

“Successful advocacy for the inclusion of people with disabilities in our country and the protection of their civil rights depends on establishing a widespread network of disability advocates. The Ruderman Family Foundation is proud to partner with CPSD to improve the lives of people with disabilities throughout the United States through the promotion of an inclusive public policy agenda.”

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